I had every intention of keeping up my blog. I had a nice opening post, a pretty good title and lots of ideas, but then long term memory loss hit and I totally forgot about this blog! Actually I can time it to the exact time that I developed my Second Life avatar, JessieMarie Flanagan, SL has a HUGE learning curve and I had no idea what I was getting myself into. Within a few months I became completely submerged in trying to learn a whole new way of life. I also became an active member of ISTE-SL and a member of the DEN-SL Leadership Council. Around this time I also discovered Google Groups. The time period between April – August was a whirlwind of activity for me.

In April I had the workshop that I blogged about previously. This sent me off on the aggregator and SL trail. I then attended NECC and the DEN Academic Excursion which sent me off into the Twitterverse. Once I got back from all of these amazing experiences I had to start getting ready for a rocky start to a new school year.

I work for a special education co-op and we are in the process of writing curriculum. I did not say re-writing because we have NEVER had a curriculum before. This has led to all sorts of a-ha moments and headaches. We have faced some difficult challenges but also we have encountered some real successes.

Just recently I have had time to think about starting my own blog. My Mother who has been out of tech for a long time has just made a commitment to jump back in with both feet. I loaned her my Will Richardson book and she is a convert! As soon as I heard about her plan to start 2 blogs, I realized that I better get a move on or she might pass me up.

I can’t wait to start sharing all of the cool tools that I have learned about in the last year or so from my feeds, IMs, Twits, and conferences. Please join me on what I am sure will be an exciting journey from here to wherever the wind will take me.


  1. Mrs.A says:

    I will add you to my RSS feed. Maybe you will give me inspiration to blog again too.

  2. Colleen says:

    Hi Anne,
    Welcome back to blogging!
    I understand about memory loss. I am fairly certain I have a number of do-nothing wikis floating around the web. I also empathize with SL taking over your life. I joined in around the same time you did and completely immersed myself in all things SL for four months. Once the school year began, I had to pull out a bit (well, pull out a lot). I’m glad Twitter has made it possible to keep up connections without needing to spend precious time in SL.
    I will be looking forward to reading your new blog and learning even more from you.

  3. atruger says:

    I am also starting up a wiki….hopefully I can figure all this out and create a useful tool!

    SL can certainly take over RL if you get in too deep. Luckily school started and brought me back to earth! LOL


  4. Dr.Eileen says:

    I think the biggest problem with integrating technology is that there is so much out there and so many different tools that we keep learning new onesd and forgetting to use old ones that are still important. there is only so much time in the day and so much to cover how can we do blogs, wikis, podcasts, IMs, twitters, second life and also have a life? I am feeling very overwhelmed. Dr Eileen (Anne’s Mom)

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