Today I wanted to share a little bit about my summer journey. Don’t worry this isn’t all about me again! (Still sharing resources)

I began this summer by attending the ISTE 2016 conference in Denver, this is where I ran into Kevin Honeycutt on the street in front of my hotel on the last day. He told me that I should try and take one of his Launch Me Academies for Presenters. Through a whole lot of luck, I was able to attend one right after ISTE. It was a life changing experience! I can’t give too much away but if you are considering going out on your own or trying to get yourself on the keynote circuit, this was a great “launch pad”!

After the academy, I was determined to turn in my Google Certified Trainer application. I had gone down this road once before but never actually turned it in! As part of my preparation, I decided to take the Level 1 and Level 2 Google Educator tests, they weren’t required at this time, but I wanted to experience them. The tests were actually fun to take! I enjoyed the application based nature of the tests and the “testing environment”, not so much the leaving on of my webcam…no testing in my PJs but the test itself was well done. I didn’t have any problems with Level 1, but Level 2 is quite a bit trickier! I ran through the Google Center courses and passed the first time. The video was a struggle but is now posted on youtube. Feel free to check it out! Now my application is turned in and I am biting my nails until Sept 21st.

A few days after that I was invited to a Microsoft Train the Trainer workshop. I spent several hours watching their courses on the website to help prepare me for the workshop. I really like the way Microsoft has set up their online training. You should check it out! Earning badges is fun! Thanks Carlos Fernandez for encouraging me take a walk on a different side of the street. I have to say I really like OneNote Learning Tools. (Even if you are a Google user check out OneNote Learning Tools)

After all of that training, learning and collaborating, it was time to recreate myself. I jumped on Legal Zoom to create my LLC and in just a few weeks….PRESTO! I am a business owner! Wait…I am a business owner?!?!?


Stay tuned!

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