Welcome to my new adventure! I haven’t blogged regularly in years, but I am going to do my best to share something at least once a week. Blogging has always been a difficult thing for me to do. I never think anyone really wants to read what I write. My writing isn’t always grammatically correct and I don’t feel like I have very exciting or revolutionary ideas. After discarding the idea of writing just to write, I go and read other people’s posts and realize that I had the same thought and just wasn’t brave enough to publish it!

Writing and sharing my thoughts is a push out of my comfort zone, isn’t that what they say helps drive true change? Stepping out of your comfort zone?

Today I am leaping out of my comfort zone and it is terrifying. Earlier this month I decided to establish my own LLC called Truger Tech Talk. Of course right after I bought the name, people starting giving me their opinion of the name and all of the reasons it was the wrong name. Mind you I asked several people before choosing the name and everyone was supportive, until after the fact. Sigh. That is just the way things go. People don’t believe you really want their opinion when you ask and then you get the after thoughts, when it is too late to change anything.

Truger Tech Talk has been around since the first time I started a wikispace and blogged. I just felt that it made sense to go back to my roots. This LLC thing is much more difficult than I had expected, but I am not giving up yet! If your school district could use some professional development from a crazy, upbeat, energetic and passionate educational innovation specialist let me know!

I want to give a few shout outs to people who have helped me get started: Lea Anne Daughirity – working on my website, Ginger Lewman – created my logo, Carrie Baughcom – gave me my tagline, Kimberly Wright – my instant sister, Kevin Honeycutt– believing that I have what it takes to make it,  Phil Hintz – trusting me, and the most important Lee Truger – my amazing husband who never wavers in his faith in me.

I promise that in my future posts there will be all sorts of resources and links to click on, but today I just needed to write.


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