People often ask me ”How do you keep up with all of the changes in technology?”. This is a great question. I had to really think about it. It comes down to a many things.


  1. I am a geek. Tech isn’t just my job, it is also my hobby.
  2. Most of my network is related to tech in education
  3. Twitter
  4. Blogs
  5. Google+ Communities
  6. Facebook
  7. Glide


1) This is self explanatory. I am a geek. I love technology. I love trying new things. I explore and play as my hobby and my life.


2) I have purposely set up my network to be mostly focused on my professional life not my personal.


3) I joined Twitter in 2007 and it has become one of my top go-top resources. I am @atruger on Twitter, follow me and check out my friends list. Follow almost anyone on my list and you will get tons of resources on a daily bases. Twitter is my professional development drive thru. I jump online and scan for new resources. I can spend hours on Twitter and I always learn something new.


4) The idea of blogging has been around for a long time but it is still one of the best ways to stay in touch with what is happening in the “real” world of education and technology. Here is a list of my favorite blogs:
Shake Up Learning – newsletter
Eric Curts – Incredible resources created and shared on G+ and Twitter
Alice Keeler – Another great resource, and an incredible speaker
Better Cloud Monitor – Great tips and tricks newsletter (used to be Google Guru)


5) Google+ Communities are filled with people just like you who just want to keep up with the changes. Join the Communities that match your needs. There are many to choose from. Find an active community and join.
6) I was very conflicted in the beginning. I tried to keep Facebook just for personal and family use but very quickly I realized that FB was just as valuable a resource for me as Twitter! This was because it was a n easy place to connect for people who didn’t use Twitter. I belong to several extremely active groups on FB, some private and others public.


7) Glide is an ios and android app that allows you to video chat. Basically you leave messages back and forth. You can add images, videos, and URLs. I have belonged to the same Glide group for 2 years with some of the most amazing educators I have ever known, “The Glidiators”. Glide will only be as powerful as your glide groups. We have the most intense conversations and also the most silly. I always learn something new or gain a new way of thinking about things.



I guess shortest answer I can give people about how I keep up with all the changes, is that I make it a priority to never stop learning and to surround myself with people who have the same priorities.


How do you keep up with all of the changes?


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